About Southwest Scanning

At Southwest Scanning we have the ability to accurately scan anything from a small machine part for reverse engineering, to a structure for as-built drawings or a 1000 acre property.

Southwest Scanning can provide 3D digital models of structures for direct import into architectural or modeling software or we can create 2D CAD drawings of as-built conditions for you.

We also offer aerial mapping and 3D photogrammetry services with the ability to extract contour information, create site plans and do volumetric calculations of stockpiles and borrow pits.

Southwest Scanning

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Laser Scanning
Uses LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology to capture three dimensional measurements of structures and create digital models
Takes a series of overlapping two dimensional photographs and combines them to create accurate 3D digital models
Structured Light Scanning
Projects geometric patterns of light onto objects and use the distortion in the reflected patterns to infer the geometry of the object being scanned
Aerial Mapping and Photography
From simple aerial photography to complex maps with three dimensional outputs