Aerial Mapping and Photography

As a fully FAA licensed vendor, Southwest Scanning is able to legally fly commercial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) mapping operations. Using high resolution cameras mounted on drones we can provide anything from simple aerial photography to complex, photogrammetric, survey tied and geolocated maps with three dimensional outputs.

After creating a 3D model from photographs, software can then be used to create measurable orthophoto site maps and extract contours or Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) from the information. DTM’s, maps that are colored by elevation, are an excellent tool for the visualization of landform shapes and drainage issues.

With their ability to fly at a much lower elevation than traditional aircraft, UAVs have the ability to create orthophotos and models with a resolution of fractions of an inch.


  • Contour and Digital Terrain mapping
  • Orthophotos / Site plans
  • Creation of 3D models for Real Estate sales or visualization
  • Crop monitoring / precision agriculture
  • Volumetric calculations / stockpile analysis
  • Vegetation mapping for pre and post fire suppression thinning operations
  • Roof inspections
  • Flood mapping
  • 3D visualization and fly-through videos
  • Aerial photography and videography

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Southwest Scanning Aerial Mapping Demo

More Services

Laser Scanning
Uses LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology to capture three dimensional measurements of structures and create digital models
Takes a series of overlapping two dimensional photographs and combines them to create accurate 3D digital models
Structured Light Scanning
Projects geometric patterns of light onto objects and use the distortion in the reflected patterns to infer the geometry of the object being scanned